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This is a site about us and our experiences on the road. Who is us? Well, that's us over there on the right. We just received our first trifecta medals of 2013 (we got two in 2013). That's my wife Cyn (she's pretty awesome). In 2012 we started a journey together that changed our lives. That journey started as a race, but became a lot more than that. It became our way of life. Working and running side by side with my wife has been the most rewarding experience of this journey, without her pushing me to be better and stronger, I don't know where I would be. But I do know where I am and where I would like to go in the future.

In 2012, we started Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). The Spartan Race was our race of choice. The Spartan Race is a lot more than just running through the mud, climbing through the forest, and crawling under barbed wire. For us, it's a breath of life. Getting ready for these races is just as exciting as running them. In 2013, we went to 10 Spartan Races. Every time we go, it's like going to camp. There are thousands of familiar faces, and dozens of people that we can now call friends.

We try to hit as many races as possible, we always volunteer, and we're usually found at registration. The staff always keep us on our toes and they are there to back us up if we ever need help. They are our family and we can't wait to see them all every time we make the trek!

For anyone unsure as to whether they want to make the plunge into obstacle racing, give us a shout! This site is going to be dedicated as a place for us to share experiences with everyone. We hope to see everyone out there, and if you haven't tried anything that scares you, what are you waiting for?